NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The new murder rate in Richmond

By: Kym Grinnage email

This week Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones and Police Chief Bryan Norwood addressed the recent September spike of murders in the city of Richmond. Due to this spike, the Mayor predicts that the murder rate in 2012 will surpass 2011. The Police Chief has responded and indicated that he will place more police on the streets and particularly in areas where most of the recent murders have occurred.

The investigation and apprehension of criminals is the job of the police department, but what we have learned from the past and from the practice of community policing is that members of the community have to work hand in hand with the police department in identifying criminals. There are some in the community who feel that identifying those who are committing crimes or snitching is against some neighborhood code.

The next time you hear that from anyone, ask them to imagine that the victim is their mother or child and also ask them what they would want you to do if you knew who had committed the crime.

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