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POLITIFACT: Powell's pants are "on fire"


For the first time in 10 years, Congressman Eric Cantor met his opponent in a debate.

In the debate, former Army Colonel Wayne Powell lobbed quite a few accusations at the House majority leader - including this one:

"My question is this, Eric: How could you, in good conscience, vote to continue your own pay... but, at the same vote, to stop paying our servicemen and women that you voted to send into combat in Afghanistan?"

Is that true? Did Cantor vote to raise his pay, while at the same time voting to stop payment for servicemen? The reporters at Politifact Virginia believes that Powell's claim is so false, his pants are on fire!

Powell seems to misunderstand how congress works - Cantor actually supported a measure to extend payments for members of the military.

He just opposed the procedural moves by Democrats that were designed just to score political points.

"Cantor voted against the Democratic amendment, but he supported the underlying bill that guaranteed the pay of troops through the end of September," said Politifact reporter Warren Fiske.

According to Fiske, Powell went out of his way to misstate Cantor's actions.

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