12 ON YOUR SIDE: Verizon customer thanks 12 for help

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Chesterfield woman who switched to Verizon because it promised her a $500 gift card, now has her money.

Lisa Shumate believes the only reason she got it is because of 12 On Your Side. She made the switch to Verizon last fall. She should have gotten that Visa card 90 days later, but Verizon didn't send it.

In fact, they told her she didn't qualify for the gift card after they had her business.

"My husband brought it in and he said, 'the Verizon card is finally here,' and I said, 'you got to be kidding me,'" said Shumate.

Verizon didn't say why she was disqualified, just that she would receive the $500 Visa gift card within 30 days following 12 On Your Side's inquiry and she did.

"From the time 12 contacted them, basically it was just a matter of days and I had two phone calls and an email which had not happened for the entire year that I had been trying to get through to somebody," she said.

At the time, Comcast was Lisa's cable TV provider. She got everything else, internet, home phone and cell service, through Verizon. She said a Verizon rep offered her a gift card which was incentive to drop Comcast and bundle services with Verizon.

Workers dug up her yard and installed the equipment in a couple days, but the money never came.

"I was just very frustrated with the service and how I had been treated personally," Shumate explained. "The money is wonderful. We could use it, but it was the principle."

There are complaints online where others who switched and were later disqualified were given the same reason.

This is what she told us back in August:

"It was like the girl that you talked with, she gave you some things that she wasn't supposed to. Because you got this extra DVR for life, you don't qualify for the Visa anymore."

Without explanation, Verizon told 12 On Your Side the money would arrive in 30 days by UPS in the form of a $500 dollar pre paid gift card. It was right on time.

"I definitely want to thank channel 12 On Your Side. I wish now that I had called you all months ago, because as soon as I contacted you guys, results happened immediately."

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