Now at Noon: Wild weather, Dangerous pets, Debate preview

Viewers sent us some wild pictures and video of a funnel cloud in Chesterfield last night. Today, more unusual October weather. Meteorologist Andrew Freiden will have a look at current conditions.

Virginia wants to make it tougher to own a dangerous animal. Jessica Jaglois will explain which animals leaders consider dangerous.

In just a few hours Mitt Romney will get his chance to confront President Obama on the economy, and the president can question Romney on whether he's really written off 47 percent of America. We'll have a preview of tonight's debate from Denver.

We want to hear from you during the debate. We'll have a live blog to see what Richmond-area voters have to say about what they are hearing. Log on to and post comments or just you the hashtag #DecVa on Twitter.

Our pet expert will be here to answer your pet questions, as well.

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