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Funnel cloud stirs intense moments in Chesterfield


A funnel cloud swirled over the area near the Bailey Bridge Road in Chesterfield Tuesday evening. The menacing cloud could have become a twister.

Intense moments followed at Thelma Crenshaw Elementary School, at about 7 p.m.. Dozens of kids at football practice next to the school took a time out to watch the incredible sight. Then Crenshaw Athletic Association coach Cris Poh said he was stunned at the phenomenon above the field.

"The clouds were starting to swirl. I stood there for a couple seconds watching it, and it picked up some speed. It was really starting to form a good spiral," described Poh.

However, he didn't take any chances. He ushered the team and parents into the school, where back-to-school night was in progress.

"Parents, kids, teachers were all lining the interior hallway. They were up against the wall, sitting down quietly, waiting for the ‘all clear' to happen," continued Poh,

Nearby at Bailey Bridge Middle School, Eric Lipshetz was dropping off his kids. They too saw the cloud stirring above.

"It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen, because I like tornados. So, to actually see the swirling of the clouds was pretty neat," said Lipshetz.

Lipshetz said while everyone headed for the locker room, he couldn't resist taking cell phone video. The video he sent to the NBC12 newsroom was analyzed by the National Weather Service. Experts there confirmed that it was a funnel cloud, even if it only lasted about 15 minutes.   

After the cloud dissipated, practices went on as usual.

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