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Animal rescue groups taking "Kill a pit bull day" seriously


Animal lovers are upset over postings flooding the Internet that encourage the brutal slayings of pit bulls. Even though one newspaper reports this as a hoax, local animal wellness groups aren't taking this message lightly.

It's no laughing matter because the post is announcing Halloween as "National Kill a Pit Bull Night."

The message may have a bigger bark than its bite, but it's a big concern that's gripped animal lovers all over the Commonwealth.

Sabine is a loving female pit bull mix. Richmond SPCA's director says the three-year-old, like many other dogs here, can be the most affectionate pets if raised right. According to this post flooding the Internet someone is encouraging the murder of innocent dogs. The message is so menacing, Richmond Animal League initiative volunteer, Will Lowery, wants to send a message of his own.

"Anything that plants that idea in people's heads or just kind of continues the further discrimination against pit bulls is concerning to us and we wanted to speak out against that," said Lowery who volunteers with Gracie's Guardians.

According to a Missouri newspaper, the post is a prank. The culprit used the name Terry Jordan which happens to be the same name as a councilman in Slater Missouri. That Terry Jordan had been working on an ordinance concerning pit pulls, but it's still unclear why the poster used his name.

The words are graphic. They say "after you take your kids trick-or-treating, keep your costume on, round up some friends, and kill as many pit bulls as you can before midnight." They go on to explain disturbing methods to murder innocent pets.

Richmond SPCA Director, Robin Starr, has several pit bulls up for adoption, including Sabine.

"As we know, there are many sweet, good, wonderful pit bulls that make great pets," said Starr. "It's important for people to never paint with a broad brush about any breed of dog because like all people, they're all individuals."

Virginia has stiff animal cruelty laws, and you could face fines or jail time if you deliberately kill a pet. Animal rights groups are concerned that some people might take this hoax message seriously.

Richmond rescue groups are hosting multiple events countering the violent campaign. One includes a movie documenting the breed discrimination among pit bulls. That will show at the Byrd Theatre October 14.

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