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September deadliest month in Richmond since 2005


A violent weekend in Richmond makes for what seems to be the deadliest month the city has seen since 2005. This, according to the police crime recorded data.

In the final days of September, three people were killed. That adds up to a total of 11 deaths in just 30 days. Police are not commenting Monday, but say the Mayor plans to address questions Tuesday.

Seemingly confined behind yellow crime tape and flashing lights, violence and murder are far-reaching. Just ask the people who live it.

"I heard 4 gunshots," said Pamela Smith-Simmons, a neighbor to a double shooting where one person died. "I heard the guy saying huh, huh, huh and no more."

"I heard a gunshot, then a bunch of arguing, carrying on, about thirty seconds later I heard another shot," said Ronald Clendenin, also a neighbor to a recent homicide.

For the families of the 11 victims, the numbers don't matter. It's the pain of just one tremendous loss that hits so hard.

"They're devastated," said Detective Arcellious Demery who is investigating the murder of Malik DeSilva. "Absolutely devastated. He was a good family man. Loved his kids, loved his wife."

Data provided in the police department information center data base shows there are patterns to the violence. All by two reported homicides appear to involve gunfire.

One of the exceptions is the mysterious death of gas station owner Paresh Patel. He was reportedly abducted from Chesterfield, his body found several days later near the slave trail in Richmond. His case is still pending with no word on how he died. 

Most cases happened late at night or early in the morning, between 9pm and 11am. All but three of the reported homicides happened Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

"This has to stop," said Pamela Smith- Simmons. "We work hard to keep this from happening in our communities."

Communities now looking for answers to why this is happening and what's being done about it.

The police crime database shows arrests have been made in five cases and a warrant is pending in one more case.

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