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Friday Night Football dedicated to Marvin Massenburg Jr.


A Prince George county high school's marching band played its heart out Friday night for one of its own.

This is the first Friday night football game since their tuba player, 17-year-old Marvin Massenburg, Jr. died.

The game was dedicated to the teen. A moment of silence was held as the team put away Massenburg's sousaphone and the dance team performed for the crowd.

"The outpouring of support we've received from the students the administration and all of his all of his friends have been so endearing to us it has given us strength to endure during this sad time," said Massenburg's aunt, Ramonia Prosis.

"He was the best Tuba we can ask for in a marching band, the best guy to talk to for any troubles so it was really tough having him not in the field with us and not in the classroom with us," said band mate, Sarah Howard.

The tragic accident happened Tuesday. Police said Marvin was on his way to school on courthouse road near bull hill when he tried to move over for a passing police cruiser but instead flipped and drowned in a swamp. The officer turned around and tried to help but couldn't save him.

Band mates all wore a special red ribbon with a gold tuba pin.

Before the game, classmates held a vigil by Marvin's usual parking space in the high school park lot.

A decorated cross, candles - and a few good memories were shared.

Flowers were placed by his memorial, even a salute to honor their friend. They will remember the good times and his family says they will not forget this game.

School officials tell us funeral services for will be held at Prince George High School Sunday at 2 p.m. The viewing will begin at 11 a.m.

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