September 27 RESTAURANT REPORT: College dining hall gets 6 critical violations

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Colleges and universities serve meals to thousands of hungry students a day. Their dining halls and cafeterias are inspected by the state just like restaurants. A state university was written up for temperature issues, but showed us that the problems have been fixed.

The kitchen is Virginia State University's Gateway Dining Hall on its campus in Petersburg. The state health inspection showed 6 critical violations. It says chicken, roast beef, and pork tenderloin were not adequately cooled to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. The state requires foods be cooled to 41 degrees in six hours. A school spokesperson sent us a copy of the follow-up inspection report, stating, "All violations from previous inspection have been corrected... great recovery!"

Temperatures were also an issue at Teppanyaki Grill Supreme Buffet, 4338 South Laburnum Avenue in Henrico. One of its 5 critical violations was that several foods, like lo mein, mussles, and shrimp, were sitting out 10 to 30 degrees too warm. The inspector told them to keep them at the required 41 degrees. The restaurant earned a perfect score when the inspector returned a week later.

But at Lung Wah Carry Out, 6415 Iron Bridge Place in Chesterfield, the problem was flies. Lung Wah had 4 critical violations, including that methods were not being used to control flies. But they were when the inspector came back the next week. All critical violations were fixed.

River Towne Café at 1282 Alverser Plaza in Chesterfield has been acing it's health inspections since it opened two years ago. This café, which offers sandwiches, salads, and pecan pralines, wins this week's NBC 12 Hall of Fame Award.