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Biden draws clear line on taxes in Chesterfield stop


Vice President Joe Biden was in Chesterfield Tuesday, hoping to convince middle class voters to get behind the Obama- Biden ticket. He used an issue that impacts almost everyone, taxes.

Biden actually argued that taxes should go up, but on a very specific group of Americans.

He was playing to his kind of crowd and the Vice President didn't disappoint.

"God Love ya," he yelled to a supporter in the front row sporting a Delaware t-shirt.  

Biden didn't waste any time, attacking republicans at the core of their economic message. By indirectly arguing that raising taxes should be on the table.

"They have rejected every effort to reduce the national debt," he said of republican leaders. "If that effort required one dollar even one dime of revenue coming from people making more than $1 million."

The major distinction is where democrats want to draw that revenue - another word for taxes- from, the very rich.

"They don't need another tax cut," Biden said.  

And that is where the line is drawn.

"They will raise taxes," said republican spokesman Pete Snyder. "They will raise taxes on all Americans."

Synder is an entrepreneur himself is happy to have that debate. He argues a tax hike on anyone will be enough to destroy an already slow economic recovery.

"We are in a difficult time right now," he said. "The economy is sputtering. We need actual policies that are going to grow the economy."

Biden believes hiking taxes on the rich, will reduce the burden on the middle class, allowing them to spend more. He used the covert video of Mitt Romney talking about 47% of the country not paying taxes as evidence that republicans are out of touch.

"We are in this together," he said. "If the 47% doesn't make it, the country doesn't make it!"

And now the fight for the middle class vote is on with both sides ready to put their plans on the line and let you decide.

We have more on the Vice President's visit to Chesterfield on Decision Virginia. That includes a special message left for Mr. Biden as he drove into the Chesterfield Fairgrounds. 

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