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Women claim dead animal found in rice package


Two women say they found a dead animal carcass in their Uncle Ben's Ready Rice packet. They purchased the rice in Goochland.

These pictures in the slide show show what Chris Browning and Brooke Pleasants say came out of the rice. The women think it is a bird, but say state inspectors are testing to see what it is.

"I was ill," said Browning, describing the scene as whatever it was plopped onto her plate. "Just the smell alone was enough to…cause it looked like a cooked creature."

"It has a beak and you could see it's eyeball," added Pleasants. "It was clearly visible that it was a bird."

They say they just opened the rice package and what looked like a bird fell out onto their plate.

"It smelt like rotten flesh just like, just death and pure death," said Pleasants. "Death for days."

"I couldn't even think about eating," added Browning.

The women say they immediately called the store where they got it, Uncle Ben's and the state. The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services stopped by to sample the rice.

"He definitely said it was an animal," said Browning. "He kept thinking it was a rat, which is even worse in my opinion."

The department confirms that an investigation is ongoing, but sample results are still pending. Pleasants said she ended up in the hospital after touching it.

"I actually ended up being extremely nauseated," said Pleasants. "I was throwing up for approximately probably like a few hours throughout the day and I just could not stop so I went to the hospital."

Now the women say they want the product off store shelves.

"I would like to see some action taken about this," said Pleasants. "It is a health risk. I don't' think it's fair for the community to not know what's going on with Uncle Ben's."

We did speak with Uncle Ben's. They say they are working with the women, but think this incident was just a case of mold.

The company spokesperson said they have seen a few situations like this before and the spoilage can look like a dead animal. They say it was probably caused by a pin prick in the bag that let air in and contaminated the product.

The spokesperson added that the process used to cook the rice makes an animal in the bag highly unlikely.

They said they do not plan to have a recall.

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