September 20 RESTAURANT REPORT: Food delivery temperature not checked

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - When a restaurant receives a delivery of food, the state Health Department requires the restaurant to check the food temperature to make sure it's been kept safe during transport. That's where a Szechuan restaurant slipped on an inspection in this Restaurant Report.

The Restaurant is the King of Szechuan at 3991 Glenside Drive in Henrico. It had 4 critical violations, including that a delivery of tofu was too warm and the temperature wasn't checked. Violations were corrected during the inspection.

Temperatures were also an issue at Cocina Grande, 10827 Hull Street Road, which had 5 critical violations. The report says food on the buffet was not being kept hot enough. An operator turned up the temperature. But when the inspector came back a week later, some food on the buffet was still not being kept hot enough. The inspector suggested keeping the unit as hot as possible to maintain the required 135 degrees.

In Henrico, Casa Grande at 3532 Pump Road had 4 critical violations. One of which was that a bottle of pest control was stored directly on top of chili powder and next to other food products. But violations were corrected by the follow-up inspection the next day.

Harold's Kitchen at 806 East 22nd Street in Richmond serves up a wide variety of foods: Indian, Pakistani, Soul Food and Southern. And they do it in a clean kitchen. Harold's wins the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award for six perfect inspections.

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