NBC12 VIEWPOINT: A Salute to Those Who Labor

By: Kym Grinnage email

A Salute to Those Who Labor:

Last week I talked about back to school, but I didn't want this moment to pass without recognizing Labor day and those who labor. We take pride in ourselves, our parents, our children and members of our family as it relates to what we do for a living. At a time when 13 million people are out of work, and many of those people are right here in Richmond, having a job, a career or a vocation take on extra special meaning. There are many students who graduated from high school and college this year, who have not landed that first job. And at the same time there are also many students who have been successful in finding a job and are on their way.

Labor Day reminds us to honor each and every American who gets up every day to earn an honest living, provide for their families and help grow this great economy. It is also a time to honor employers who have had to weather tough economic conditions and make hard decision about keeping people on the payroll. Many have sacrificed profit in order to keep employees on the payroll until conditions improve. And at the same time ,particularly in Virginia, there businesses and industries that are thriving due to the ingenuity of the owners and the creativity and hard work of the people who show up every day.

And labor does not just mean just earning a paycheck, there are many of us who volunteer their time and energy for a cause that is very important to them. And let's not forget to honor all of those people who have retired, but worked most of their lives creating this great country.

And a last comment, it's important that we look out for each other, so if you know of someone who is out of a job, make it your business to stay in touch, keep their spirits up, encourage them and remember to help in any way that you can.

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