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September 6 RESTAURANT REPORT: roaches and flies in a BBQ restaurant

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We continue to investigate critical health violations on health inspections at restaurants in the weekly Restaurant Report. When we went to a Chesterfield barbecue restaurant, the restaurant was locked and empty.

Hawk's BBQ at 10449 Midlothian Turnpike. When it was inspected by the Chesterfield Health department just a few weeks ago, it had 4 critical violations. The inspector wrote there was heavy roach activity along a wall. Upon re-inspection, other problems were fixed, but roaches and flies were noted again. The inspector noted a monthly contract for pest services had been signed. But when we went to Hawk's just 3 weeks later, the door was locked, the restaurant appeared empty of equipment, the sign was gone, and there was no answer to our phone calls. We left word at the other Hawk's location, but haven't yet heard back.

In Hanover, O'Banks Café and Grill at 10392 Leadbetter Road had 4 critical violations, including that chicken wings, grouper, and calamari were not being kept cold enough. That and other violations were corrected during the inspection, and O'Banks had no critical violations on the follow-up two weeks later. We left a message for O'Banks, but didn't receive a call back.

Then we had the pleasure of giving the NBC 12 Hall of Fame Award to the staff at Hardee's at 13736 Hull Street Road in Chesterfield. This fast food restaurant not only gets perfect health scores on cooking and cleaning, they know many of their customers by name.

Said Hardee's Project Manager Carol Palm, "We have a lot of regular customers on a day-to-day basis, so the cashiers know who the customers are and what they want, so that's a good thing, too."

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