12 ON YOUR SIDE ALERT: Company calls 12 to help sealant scam customer

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We have a follow up to an On Your Side Alert. You may remember, a viewer recently called 12 after she was nearly duped out of $4,000 for driveway repair work. A local company saw the story and stepped in to help out.

Once again, Victoria Dillard is getting her driveway fixed. It's deja vu with a twist.

"It is great to know that there are good people out there," she said.

This time the workers are with a legitimate business. Her last encounter, crooks tried to get about $3,500 to fix her driveway. She says the work was horrible and when confronted about the price the workers ran away.

After seeing our story, workers at Richmond Lot Striping and Seal Coat offered to re-pave Dillard's driveway for free.

"I hate to see somebody get ripped off and I just knew this was something that we could fix. I just wanted to step in and help," said owner, Dennis Radogna.

He reminds the public, there are many reputable driveway paving companies that will do the work right. He warns though, not every company is a good company. The fraudsters are not far behind. He says what happened to Dillard is common.

"More than what you realize. This industry has a terrible reputation of fly by nighters and the ones coming by and working out of the back of a truck, that is always a warning sign. A good sealer will give a business card first thing around. They will give a written quotation and then they will have references," he told us.

Dillard is one of the lucky victims, most times there is no help and they end up losing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

"Thanks to channel 12. You guys are very impressive, it was a big help to me and I am glad the story got out there so others can hear about it and be warned," she said.

Con artist were trying to charge Dillard thousands of dollars for work Radogna says should have only cost several hundred dollars.

"Always look for people's trucks. They have their names on the side of them or their equipment; you have business cards, references, always get a list. I don't mind anybody calling and asking me for a reference, I got oodles of them," he said.

Radogna says remember it's your money, take your time, ask questions, and know who is doing the work. If you suspect you've been ripped off or scammed by a business, you can contact your local police department and file a report with the Better Business Bureau.

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