12 Investigates: VA procurement app shows tax dollar allocation

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Virginia is the first state in the nation to launch an app for your smart phone or tablet. It allows you to see exactly where some of your tax dollars are going. All you have to do is download E-VA.

Want to know exactly what your tax dollars are paying for? What work needs to be done in the Commonwealth? Who's bidding on it? Who gets the contract?

"This shows you what we're looking to buy, what we're looking to spend our money on," said Bob Sievert. He helped design the app for your smart phone or tablet.

Sievert said it lays out Virginia's procurement process - showing you real-time government business opportunities.

"What we've done is taken that to the smart device, to make it easier and simpler for them to get it where ever they are at, as they're out doing business," said Sievert.

You can scroll through all active purchases Virginia is trying to make. You can also search individual state agencies, like the Virginia Department of Transportation or the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.

The information was launched online 10 years ago, and the Commonwealth said it instantly noticed savings.

"We were saving $30 million a year, and that is primarily because of the increased competition that this brings," said Sievert.

Making the information mobile - means the state could reach an even wider audience.

"This increased competition and increased access, making it easy for everybody to participate. And it levels the playing field too. You don't just have the big guys getting all the business opportunities. The small guys have an equal shot at it," added Sievert.

In just the first two weeks after the app was launched, it was downloaded 715 times and used 26,330.

Here's a link to the online version of E-VA. http://www.eva.virginia.gov/

To download the app on your smart phone or tablet, search for eVA Mobile in the app store.

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