MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Children's consignment sale

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - One of our area's largest children's consignment sales is open for business.

With more than 32,000 consigned items, "Ring Around the Rosy" has something for everyone.

"We have been around since the spring of 2008 and this is our 15th sale," said Jenatha Robinson, co-owner of Ring Around the Rosy.

Boys and girls clothes are priced at about 25 percent of what you'd pay retail.

"Typical customer walks out of here with everything that they need for infant care, for kids going back to school, toys, Christmas presents," said Robinson.

You could knock out Halloween as well. Samantha Vonderharr is not only a shopper, she's also a consigner.

"For consigning, you get 70 percent of what you put in and you price at 25 to 30 percent so you're getting everything done at one time. You're getting a lot of money back and you can come shop and get things you wouldn't have got," said Vonderharr.

Daughters Allison and Jordan get a hand in choosing their new wardrobe, and mom gets to teach a lesson while saving big money.

"It's fun for them to poke around and find the fun deals and it's nice for them to learn the value of money and realize that they are making good choices as well," said Vonderharr.

Boppies, bedding, buzzy chairs and bikes. Ring Around the Rosy has a key component that sets it apart from other sales.

"We're a very hot sale because we have four weekends of selling, so consigners typically sell over 80 percent of their items," said Robinson.

I've been shopping this sale for years and it's how I clothe my kids for less. For $56, I've knocked out a big chunk of my kid's fall and winter clothes. If I was shopping retail, I'd have spent that much on the shoes alone.

Ring Around the Rosy is located at the southwest corner of Hull Street and Courthouse Road.

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