Now at Noon: High alert for Isaac, Obama in C'Ville, Butterflies Live

Source: KSLA
Source: KSLA

Hurricane Isaac is wreaking havoc on the Gulf Coast and is expected to bring as much as 20 inches of rain.

Officials say New Orleans' flood protection system is holding up so far, but they expect to be on "high alert" for the next 12 to 24 hours.

Meteorologist Kevin Jeanes will have a look at the storm track. We'll also have a live report from New Orleans.

Remember, you can keep up with severe weather by downloading the First Warning Weather app for iOS or Android.

In a little less than an hour, the doors will open at the nTelos wireless pavilion in preparation for President Obama's visit. He'll be speaking around 3 p.m. We'll stream his speech live on

We're also following the Republican National Convention, as all eyes are on Paul Ryan who speaks tonight. You can watch NBC News' coverage live on

Some people living in the Woodland Heights area are trying to figure out why and who vandalized several cars this morning. Ashley Monfort talked to some of them and will be live from the neighborhood where it happened.

Butterflies are some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet and they are responsible for pollinating a lot of the food that we eat.  You can literally be surrounded by butterflies and see them up close at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden's Butterflies Live exhibit. Beth Monroe will be here to tell us about it.

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