ACTS OF KINDNESS: Couple honored for helping community

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - When the area called the birthplace of Richmond deteriorated from years of neglect, ravaging flood waters and ensuing crime, the city had it completely razed - decades later, it was redeveloped. Residents of the Fulton area have a renewed sense of community pride and we're honoring a couple who've been a big part of that cultural change with an Act of Kindness.

For hundreds of families, the redevelopment of Fulton offered an opportunity for new home ownership, refurbished apartments and a chance to forge beneficial bonds.

The Roanes have raised three children here. Banker Kimberly and her husband Marvin - a veteran and entrepreneur - are committed to their community's uplifting.

"My wife does personal training, I do empowerment, we've done the East End Renaissance Council, we've done neighborhood community activities and programs, after school programs, GED programs," said Marvin Roane.

Longtime neighbor Teressa Neblett-Burell, a single mom of six says she and the Roanes bonded through their children. Her youngest - twin honor students - are heading to college along with their neighborhood friend.

Teressa said the Roanes reach out to kids and their families.

"They've helped me and my neighbors throughout the years, everything from just passing by seeing that the kids at the bus stop needed coats and hats and helping them with rent, helping them with the kids school supplies," said Teressa.

The Roanes have even provided employment opportunities.

"Some of the men that were jobless, they gave them a job. They've just been a blessing and I just want to turn the blessing around to them."

Sabrina: "Teressa, here's one-hundred, two-hundred, three-hundred dollars."

Teressa: "Thank you, they'll thank you too."

The Roanes house is just across the street. Teressa said the couple thinks she's bringing a guest to talk about empowerment.

Teressa: "They have no idea what's is going on."

When a surprised Marvin answers the door, he quickly gathers his son and wife - all equally stunned to be recognized by their neighbor.

Teressa: "I told y'all I had a surprise guest, but guess what you all have done so many marvelous things without being told and noticed, but I always told you I love you and appreciate what you do (hug) and this is from channel 12 and me for Acts of Kindness that you give."

The simple gesture of gratitude evoked a flood of emotion.

Teressa: "It's ok, y'all have done so much for so many, it's ok."

The Roanes said they never expected a reward for simply doing what seemed right.

"We come from a very humble family, just giving back is what we were taught," said Marvin. "It's just been a mission of ours to help people when we could."

"I can talk to anybody you can be the president of a bank or you can be the homeless person on the corner, so it's just meeting people where they are and not being too above anything," said Kim.

Their neighbor said the Roanes are proof:

"It's not where you live, but how you live," said Teressa.

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