Monday marks Hurricane Irene anniversary

Monday marks the anniversary of Hurricane Irene - a storm that left Virginians without power for days. Dominion crews are busy. Isaac has already ripped through parts of the Florida Keys.

More than 100 Dominion Virginia Power Crews are on their way to help.

If a storm does hit, linemen say they're prepared to respond. Crews learned a lot last August after so many people were in the dark for days.

Hurricane Irene made an impression that's hard to forget. For many, the days after without electricity were those most vivid.

NBC12 Meteorologist, Kevin Jeans, says the wind Richmond experienced was the worst part of the storm, uprooting trees and slamming them onto homes and power lines.

"Most of the winds throughout the day were only 40MPH, but we kept getting those down bursts and wind gusts that would knock down a ton of trees and that's why we had all of those power outages," said Jeanes.

Each day without power peaked frustrations for many people. Dominion Power Spokesperson, Daisy Pridgen, says if the company could take away one lesson from Irene, it's better communication with customers.

"One way we can improve communications is getting help from our customers," said Pridgen. "We want to make sure they communicate with us and we want to communicate effectively with them.

She encourages customers to update their current phone numbers so crews can respond quickly.

Earlier forecast models showed Isaac churning further up the east coast. Instead, the storm barreled through the Florida Keys.

Dominion Power crews packed up Sunday and headed south to help restore power there.

With more than three months left to go, there's still no telling what the tropics could bring this hurricane season.

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