Tracking the Tropics

Happy Friday from Gray and thanks for tuning in to 12 News Today this week. Here is a look at some of the stories we are working for 12 News Today.

Andrew is tracking the tropics and will let you know if Issac will impact our weather.

New information -- This morning the man accused of forcing officers to shoot him is now facing charges. Russell Hornkohl is still recovering from a single gunshot injury. Officers say he had a handgun, ignored commands and then pointed the gun at them.

Also, new information this morning on how two teens died in a train derailment in Maryland. This comes just hours before friends and family will say goodbye to the young women.

Breaking news this morning, seven-time Tour De France winner, Lance Armstrong is being stripped of his titles and slapped with a lifetime competitive cycling ban. This comes just hours after Armstrong said he was tired of fighting the charges.

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