12 On Your Side: Tree Cutter Investigation

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Look out for scammers who show up to remove fallen trees after a storm. 12 on Your Side has new information on one such complaint in the Chamberlayne Farms neighborhood.

Henrico Police are still investigating the two complaints. The first from homeowner Deborah Rogers, who says the tree cutters did part of the work but walked off the job when she refused to pay them more.

"I said no. No. No. No. I said I'll give you $250.00 and I wrote them a check just to get them out of my face. They wanted a blank check. I already knew that was a problem," she said.

The man who cashed the homeowner's check, David Tyler, called NBC12 last night to tell his side of the story. Tyler declined an on-camera interview, but says it was no scam. His name was on the check, he says, because he was helping a guy he just met who didn't have any identification to show the homeowner.

No one has been arrested. The man, who says he gave his name and identification for the check, says he wasn't the lead guy on the job. David Tyler says he stayed in the truck, while someone else negotiated the work. He didn't scam anyone.

The second alleged victims are the owners of "Dave's Tree Service" out of Fredericksburg. They were visibly upset on August 3 and say someone gave Deborah a business card with their company's name on it, but it was not their job.

"We're going to file charges," said Helen Dobbins with Dave's Tree Service. "They need to be charged for impersonating us, impersonating a company that does good business."

The big tree that was blocking Deborah's yard was cut up into manageable pieces and removed. Dave's Tree Service didn't have to, but it finished the work for Deborah for free as promised.

"Thank you Dave's Tree Service for following up," Deborah said. "The wood went to a very deserving family that didn't have any furnace for next winter. So, I gave the wood away to them."

NBC12 also learned from owner Helen Dobbins that David Tyler worked for her in the past and she says she will hire him again in the future, if the company needs help. Dobbins says she believes Tyler's story. They have a lead on the second guy involved in the transaction but he hasn't been found.

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