New Kent couple arrested for trying to break into home with toddler in getaway car

NEW KENT, VA (WWBT) - A young couple was arrested for trying to break into a home, leaving their two-year-old daughter in the car. Investigators say Mary Lee Crawley, 22, and Justin Mills, 24, of Providence Forge, burglarized a string of homes in New Kent County since July.

One young man was home when the pair tried to get inside his house Tuesday. Hunter Harris, 13, didn't seem too phased by the suspects knocking at his door. Harris was home alone when he says two people he didn't know, wouldn't go away.

"I looked out the window, and two strangers kept knocking on the door," said Harris.

Harris didn't answer and called his mother, who then called police. Meantime, he says the pair began to jimmy the front door open using a credit card.

"Ten minutes fiddling with the lock, they opened the door," he said.

So, Harris did what came naturally to him. "I ran up and closed the door," continued Harris.

He says the pair went back to the car. Perhaps they were checking on their two-year-old daughter, who investigators say was waiting inside. However, Harris says the couple returned and tried unlocking the door again. Harris chose to stay put. "I got to protect my stuff."

However, officers were already en route. The couple didn't make it very far. Hunter says the New Kent Sheriff's officers reached them about a hundred yards after they pulled out of the driveway.

Investigators say Crawley and Mills burglarized at least three other homes in the county during daylight hours. They say they stole jewelry and small electronics, pawning it off to shops in Henrico and Hanover.

John Englehart says he came home to a broken bedroom window a couple weeks ago.

"I saw glass all over the floor all across the room," said Englehart. He says his wife's jewelry box was missing, an estimated loss of about $6,000, and priceless memories. "Necklaces, rings, things from all around the world," listed Englehart.

Investigators say they've recovered the majority of the jewelry. They also say they're investigating several other home break-in's which will likely lead to more charges for the couple. The pair's daughter was turned over to her grandmother.

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