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Guitarist with no arms gains YouTube fame


If you didn't know any better, you would never guess that George Dennehy was born without arms.

Using just his feet, he plays an average acoustic guitar like a pro and has played stages like the Richmond Spiders games and the Ashland Strawberry Faire.

it was his performance there that took YouTube by storm, amassing more than half a million views and giving Dennehy a taste of success.

"It wasn't even that great," he said. "I messed up a few times."

Dennehy isn't just humble, he's also blessed. He was born in Romania and given up for adoption as a baby. His adopted parents brought the malnourished toddler to Ashland.

"I'd either be on the street begging in Romania for money [without them], for food actually, or I'd be dead," said Dennehy.

They introduced him to the cello and eventually he found the guitar. His musical talent along with his viral video recently caught the eyes of the Goo Goo Dolls. They brought him on stage with them earlier this month, in front of a crowd of thousands, to play with the band.  

"Whatever we want to do as human beings and whatever we want to accomplish, we shouldn't let anything try and get in the way of that, because we can always find a way around it if we put our mind to it." said Dennehy.

He is now recording a single, releasing an album and hoping to hit it big. While he once felt mad about being born without arms, he now has a new perspective.

"Maybe I was made like this for a reason and maybe this is that reason."

The Patrick Henry High School grad is also hoping to soon be reunited with his birth parents. He is planning to fly out for a news story Romanian TV station and meet the parents who gave him up nearly 18 years ago.

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