ACTS OF KINDNESS: Woman saves injured animals

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Once critically ill, former pound pets are now prepped for adoption.

"There are a lot of unwanted kittens and puppies out there that go to shelters and sometimes die in shelters," said Dr. Lori Elliott, DVM.

Dr. Lori has been on a lifelong mission to save sick, homeless animals.

"Since I was five I wanted to be a vet," she said. "I wanted to bring home everything that was a stray, everything that needed to find a home."

Her commitment has grown along with her Henrico County veterinary clinic.

"She brings them in, takes them into the clinic, fixes them up, does whatever needs to be done and finds a home for them," said client and part time staffer Michelle Presley.

Michelle says Dr. Lori provides free surgery to homeless animals and started the clinic's Good Samaritan fund to help defray costs of medications and supplies making for easier adoptions.

"Mostly to help folks who couldn't afford vaccines for their animals, and it's just grown from there to something that saves animals," Michelle explained.

Michelle who's also a donor wants to inspire more Acts of Kindness.

Sabrina Squire: "Here is $100, $200, $300 for Dr. Lori."
Michelle: "Thank you!"

We set out to Shady Grove Animal Clinic where Michelle has enlisted the help of clinic staff to keep Dr. Lori onsite. Although they were in on the surprise, the doctor was definitely caught off guard.

Michelle: "How are you?"
Dr. Lori: "I'm fine."
Michelle: "Are you ok? Have you ever seen the Acts of Kindness on Channel 12?"
Dr. Lori: "Yes I have…yes."
Michelle: "Well um... (shows money)"
Dr. Lori: "Oh that is so nice!"
Michelle: "I would like to perform an Act of Kindness for you."
Dr. Lori: "That's so nice."
Michelle: "Because I think you're one of the coolest people I know."
Dr. Lori: "I'm already crying."
Michelle: "Good let's do it again, this is for the Good Samaritan fund."
Dr. Lori: "Thank you!"
Michelle: "So that you can continue to do what you do."
Dr. Lori: "Thank you, thank you! Many, many kittens and puppies will get good use out of this."

Dr. Lori says the funds will allow for more healing and lead to more pets in loving homes.

"It allows people to have a pet that's never going to forget how much love they're receiving," Dr. Lori said.

"You're just an awesome lady and I wanted you to know it," Michelle added.

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