12 On Your Side Alert: Virginia Employment Commission Scam

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - There is a warning from the Virginia Employment Commission that crooks are sending out fraudulent emails claiming to be with the agency to collect your personal information, your money or both.

If you receive benefits you need to be on alert, says Joyce Fogg with the Virginia Employment Commission. Crooks are sending out fake emails to trick you to enroll in a direct deposit card program.

"It is to get your personal information and to try and collect. They may try to collect your benefits or they may use it for other purposes in order to get money," said Fogg.

The address listed in the email is in Las Vegas, which the VEC said is a big red flag. Keep in mind, the VEC will never email you randomly. The agency only responds to emails from its customers. So, if you're getting an email and you haven't initiated the contact, Fogg says it's a scam.

If the VEC wants to contact you, communication will come through a letter. Also important, make sure you are on the correct website: VEC.virginia.gov. If you see a ".com" at the end, you are not on the correct site.

"We've had other sites, people who've put sites up and they have asked people to go to and file their claims or whatever and there has been a charge attached to it," said Fogg.

The VEC will never charge you to file a claim, reminds Fogg. Also, beware of phone calls or emails claiming the agency is giving away gift cards, as the VEC says it does not give away gift cards.

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