ACTS OF KINDNESS: Helping a hospitalized bandmate

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A popular area band with a legion of loyal fans has had to put some recent performances on hold while the group's drummer recovers from a horrific fire.

He was hospitalized with 2nd and 3rd degree burns at the same time his wife had emergency surgery to deliver their twins. As the couple balances a painful recovery and multiple births, bandmates say they could use an Act of Kindness.

"I'm still in shock. I look at em like I got two babies," said Brandon Smith.

Brandon and Jacquetta Smith will have quite the story to tell twins Jolie Brianna and Aiden Marley about the drama that preceded their delivery.

"They got hit with a lot of things all at once - he got burned, then his wife went into labor and had their kids at a different hospital, and it's their anniversary, kinda a triple whammy," said Jeremy Yeatts.

Pretty intense, even for a couple accustomed to having their world rock.

Since June, the percussionist for the Mickey Ruckus band has had to put down his drumsticks after nearly losing his right arm in a kitchen fire at home.

"It was like 11:00, something at night, so I decided to cook for myself," said Brandon.

With fish frying, Brandon took a bathroom break.

"I came out, the whole house was smoking, so I walk in - the pot was on fire."

He tried to douse it with water.

"After that, all I saw was just flames go up, the whole kitchen just went up in flames."

To save his home and family, he took the pot outside.

"That's when I realized that my arm was completely gone, like burnt off."

Jacquetta awoke to her husband's screams.

"I see him and he's in total shock," said Jacquetta.

She called 911, put water on his face, grabbed their toddler... and prayed.

"I was just, the whole time, praying like, 'please don't go into labor,' even though I was having contraction after contraction after contraction," said Jacquetta.

Days later, they marked a year of marriage - in the hospital, Jacquetta at Johnston Willis for an emergency c section.

"Both the babies were breached."

Her husband in the critical care burn unit at VCU Medical Center, where he'd remain two weeks while doctors grafted skin from his legs to his arm.

"Horrible, it was really bad," said Brandon.

Brandon's bandmates put out an SOS.

"To try and help them in any way we can, I know that they got a lot of medical expenses piling up - not just with Brandon's burns, but with their two new children," said Jeremy.

We go with guitarist Jeremy Yeatts, his girlfriend and sister to make a special deliver.

Jeremy: "Hey, how ya doin Brandon?"

Brandon: "I just had a vision of all this(laughs). How's it goin, come in."

Jeremy: "Well I contacted NBC Act of Kindness for you."

Brandon: "Oh really? So you not going to come in?"

Of course, we've got diapers and dollars.

Brandon: "That's a lot of money, man."

Jeremy: "This is for you."

Brandon: "Oh my gosh."

Jeremy: "I'm hoping it helps you and Jacquetta."

Brandon: "Definitely, I really, really appreciate this man."

The family said the outpouring of support from friends and family has helped with their healing.

Brandon: "I'm just so happy, man. This is amazing. This is NBC News, y'all really went in for us."

The Smiths say they're grateful for temporary housing with their parents, but eager to take their three children home, to get back to the stage and see what the next stage of marriage has in store.

Jacquetta: "The rest of the years can be easy sailing...(laughs)"

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