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Family upset over charge following tragic wreck


A mom is disturbed over a charge filed after a wreck killed her son in Chesterfield County. Steven Ridley was hit while changing a tire on the side of I-95 Father's Day weekend.

Police charged 63-year-old Robert Krill with reckless driving. Ridley's mom, Eunice, said the charge is not severe enough.

"You just can't kill people, pay a fine and walk away," said Eunice Ridley. "He's going home, sleeping in his bed every night getting to visit with his family. We will never see Steven again."

In June, her 35-year-old son was hit while changing a tire on the side of I-95 near mile marker 64. Investigators say Robert Krill was driving a U-haul and towing a trailer. Steven Ridley died right in front of his children's eyes.

"I think they're doing a little better," Eunice added. "They're still having their issues. None of us are sleeping well at night."

Even though court documents show Mr. Krill was charged with reckless driving, the Commonwealth Attorneys Office is speaking with possible witnesses to see if there could be any other charges pending.

Eunice said she'd like to see a more severe charge - like involuntary manslaughter. NBC12 Legal Analyst, Steve Benjamin, said there are certain degrees of reckless driving that could determine the severity of the charge.

"The fact of a tragic death doesn't mean there's criminal conduct involved," said Benjamin. "The crucial question is how dangerously - if at all - the driver was driving."

Officials with the Commonwealth Attorney's Office haven't said exactly what caused Krill to run off the road.

"It killed a part of me," Ridley added. "It killed a part of the children. They will never see their father again.

A reckless driving charge carries up to a year in jail, and a $2,500 fine. Krill's hearing is on October 5.

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