First at 4:00 - I-95 crash charges, drunk driving crackdown

The family of a man killed while changing a tire on the side of Interstate 95 is upset over the charge filed against the driver. Police charged 63-year-old Robert Krill with reckless driving, but Ridley's family says that's not enough. Tayleigh Davis spoke to Ridley's mom and our legal analyst regarding the charge.

A New York mother stands accused of strangling her own 2-year-old son to death, because he wouldn't stop screaming and crying. She had just gotten her children back earlier this year from child protective services. Rachel DePompa has the latest developments in this story.

More than 70 percent of drunk driving crashes in 2010 involved a driver with a blood-alcohol content of twice the legal limit or more. We'll have details on a new crackdown.

When you buy something, do you take the time to read the contract and all the fine print?Heather Sullivan takes a closer look at the devil in the details.

Plus, most of us probably wouldn't mind if the mosquito wasn't around anymore. There's talk of releasing 'genetically modified' mosquitoes in South Florida to fight mosquito-borne illnesses. We'll show you how this would work and why not everyone is so pleased with the prospect.

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