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Hanged scarecrow prompts investigation in Prince George

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A viewer sent NBC12 a picture of a scarecrow, wearing a dark hoodie, hanging from a tree with a rope around its neck.

The image can be seen from a busy highway in Prince George County.

Some people are startled by the sight, others offended, some just curious about the image along busy Route 10.

From afar, it looks like a person with a rope around his neck hanging from a tree. An up close look reveals a scarecrow.

The hanging scarecrow is in Jeanette Randolph's yard. She put it there.

"This is a scarecrow to keep squirrels out of my garden - they're eating my tomatoes," said Randolph. "I put it on a limb so it would move when the squirrels came out on the limb."

Randolph said she never meant to cause a stir... And that there's no ill will behind the tree-hanging image.

"No malicious intent, nothing wrong or ugly or anything - just squirrels."

NICOLE: "Can you understand why some people may think it's not what you intended?"

RANDOLPH: "It looks kind of scary because it got wet and it's head drooped -- but he's friendly."

Randolph said she strung up the scarecrow a few weeks ago. Since then, police have looked into the matter.

"Prince George County has had an opportunity to investigate a complaint. After our investigation, we're confident there's no criminal or malicious intent," said Captain Eric Young.

"You see how all the plants are all turned over - that's from the squirrels climbing all over them," said Randolph.

Randolph said she made the scarecrow with her grandson for Halloween last year. She has taken down the scarecrow and said she will find another way to keep the squirrels away from her garden.

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