College Insurance Needs

AAA Insurance Checklist for Parents of College-Bound Students

Valuables such as computers, TVs, DVD players, jewelry are typically covered by parents' homeowner's insurance IF the student lives in a college dorm. However, students who live off-campus will need to obtain renter's insurance as they are not covered under their parents' homeowner's insurance.

Renter's insurance. Purchase a separate renter's insurance policy, whether the student lives on or off-campus. The policy can be customized to a student's needs and specific living situation.

Rider policy. Or purchase a rider if the cost of some items exceeds the limits set for student coverage by a homeowner's policy. Claims made by a child will go on record as part of the parents' policy.

Auto insurance. Notify your insurance provider of a change in location if your child takes a car to school. Making an out-of-state claim without proper notification can result in loss of coverage.

Health insurance. Be sure to check all the benefits available to your child or look into a college-sponsored plan to make sure your child is fully covered before they become ill. Most companies provide coverage for full-time students until the age of 23. Others have an earlier age cut-off and limited coverage out-of-state.