NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The Olympic Spirit

By: Kym Grinnage email

The Olympic Spirit:

You would have to be on another planet not to notice the overwhelming popularity of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England. Many pundits editorialized that since England is 5 hours ahead of us and the events would be "live" on every platform known to man, that the Olympics would not have the TV success that it has enjoyed in years past.

Wow, were they wrong! Not only have the Olympics been overwhelming popular on TV, but they have broken every audience record.  And as predicted, social media has changed the game in how we communicate with each other, and the speed and frequency with how we do it. Quite frankly, everyone with a smartphone is an Olympic communicator.

Olympic tweeting is now an official sport which occurs 24 hours a day and everyone receives a gold medal for every tweet. The Olympics continue to remind us of how small the world really is an how good it feels to see life long dreams come true.

As we see daily examples of the vitriol that has become a regular part of our conversations it's fells good to ask almost anyone: "Did you see the Olympics last night?" and they respond "Yes , I did!

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