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MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Hosting online shopping parties


Have you ever wanted to have a shopping party at your home, but dreaded the work that goes into hosting one?

NBC12's Diva of Discounts discovered an easier way to sell products without all the fuss.

Seven months pregnant with her second child, Eleanor Ross was ordered to bedrest.

"Being on one income, I'm always searching for ways to help our family out financially," said Ross.

After noticing her friends' cute accessories, she became a 31 consultant. She could sell merchandise she loved as a way to generate extra income.

"They're fun, they're flirty patterns, they're really useful in your household."

Typically, these types of products are sold in social gatherings at the seller's home. Eleanor was in no position to clean the entire house and cook for a large group.

"They're only fun when you want to put them on and when the people who attend really want to attend."

Instead of having the party at her house, Eleanor hosted it on facebook. She created her event and invited her friends to attend her online version of a 31 party.

"There's no one sitting at a table waiting for your order, there's no one passing things around, there's no one handing you an order sheet and there's no expectations placed upon you."

She reached a much wider audience than she could have locally.

"From high school, from college, from working or out of state or out of town."

As the hostess, she still gets the rewards from the items purchased.

"I feel like people were really receptive to it... I've even had continued orders after the party, which is wonderful."

And now that Lyla's little sister Kinley is here, Eleanor has less time than ever, but she's got an option for her next 31 party.

"I will do one in the future. I just need a little bit of time to be able to step away from the newborn."

Eleanor increased her profit margin because she didn't have to buy groceries to feed a large gathering.

She also found her friends felt more at ease with less pressure of buying on the spot.

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