To the Bottom and Back bus not running this weekend

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The "To the Bottom and Back" bus is known for giving free rides to keep people from drinking and driving. But this weekend, partiers will have to find another safe ride home.

The familiar green bus will not be running, because the board says during the summer months, donations dry up.

Covering an area from the University of Richmond to Shockoe Bottom, hundreds of people use the service. But the familiar designated driver will not be offering rides this weekend.

"Our ridership has fallen off, and that in turn has decreased our donations that we run off of," said Jeff Adams, the CFO for 2BNB.

Board members say the non-profit needs another round of donations in order to keep on running. There are 12 part-time employees to pay along with other bills.

"Donations is what fuels us and what pays for our fuel, and labor and insurances and things like that," says Adams.

Riders like Miranda Morgan, who lives in the Fan and works in Shockoe Bottom, just found out.

"It's a bummer," she said. "It's a great service, especially for Richmond that doesn't have a stellar public transportation system."

When school is out, the number of riders also decrease. Board members say they also rely on donations from local restaurants, but the economy has kept many companies from giving. Now, there is the fear the routes may stop during the summer months.

It's a situation the board wants to avoid.

They worry that without this ride home, some people will make the dangerous decision to drink, then get behind the wheel.

"If we stop one person, we feel like we've saved multiple lives," said Adams.

But right now, the first stop is making sure this bus can keep on running.

The board hopes the bus will be up and running again next weekend. Once school starts back up, the bus will run its regular route.

If you'd like to donate to keep the bus running, click here.

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