Hi , it Sabrina.

Coming up after the Olympics, a frightening story of a Chesterfield man who was attacked in his own driveway.  He was headed to work when he says a stranger with a bat jumped out of some bushes and started swinging, beating him over the head and face.   Tonight you'll hear from the neighbor who found the broken and bloodied victim outside.

Fan joggers, be on alert.  That warning is coming from a woman who says a man grabbed her as she was out for a run along North Davis  Avenue.   She says the attacker tried to pull her pants down.  Police tell us it's not the first report they've gotten like this.

A wild story out of Newport News where a woman is charged with making a bomb threat!  Police say the woman was ticketed for trespassing and littering, left the beach area,  then returned and threatened to blow up the pier.  She took off and police finally caught up with her in North Carolina.  Wait until you hear what she was doing there!

Plus, it's Restaurant Report time and two local restaurants end up with 9 critical violations.  Both in trouble for the way they left  food sitting out.   We've got all the details after the Olympics!