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A birthday celebration ended in tragedy in Virginia when a 3 year old boy wandered off from the party.  The toddler chased a balloon into the street and was struck by a car and killed.   The accident then took a violent turn.  Adults from the party are accused of threatening the 21 year old female driver with a gun.  Coming up, what police are saying about drugs, alcohol and possible charges in this case.

A UVA student faces up to 50 years in prison after pleading guilty to 10 counts of child pornography.  The charges were levied after police searched the student's dorm room.  Ralph Rogers will be sentenced in January.

A new poll sheds light on how Virginians are feeling about the Presidential campaign, the senate race between Tim Kaine and George Allen and even how Governor McDonnell stacks up as a potential GOP contender for Vice President.  Also, you might be surprised to see how Virginia women are feeling about the candidates.    Hope you'll join us tonight at 11:30 for 12News!