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Mass shooter's skinhead band slated to play in Chesterfield


The ex-army soldier who shot and killed six people at a Sikh place of worship was a white supremacist, tied to major skinhead gatherings held in Chesterfield County.

Wade Michael Page, 40, was a member of a neo-Nazi organization called the Hammerskins. The group held three concerts at the Mid-Cities Civic Association, which helps local residents in need. Page's band, Definite Hate, was slated to perform at two of the concerts, at least.

Definite Hate's heavy metal extremist music touts lyrics such as, "Revolution is in the air and a nine millimeter in my hand… You can run, but you can't hide from this master plan," in a song entitled Take Action.

It was a nine millimeter handgun that police say Page fired at innocent Sikh worshippers last weekend in Wisconsin. Several of the band's songs of rage against minorities are posted on YouTube.

Flyers surfacing on the internet show the band was slated to perform at Hammerskin concerts last St. Patrick's Day, as well as in '09 and '10, according to Mid-Cities Civic Association president Nick Curry.

Charlotte Landers acted as rental agent for the civic association, and secured rental arrangements for the Hammerskin group twice.

"That floored me," said Landers, describing how she felt when she heard that Page was part of the group that she had done business with. Landers says she witnessed hateful display during their second party. "They came out in the front yard and had a swastika flag…They did the hail Hitler thing, and somebody took pictures...This is when I thought, ‘Oh my God.'"

Curry says the association re-rented to the group because they were decent customers, and could use the funds for their charitable endeavors.

"Other than the broken bathroom pipe, they were great...never had a problem out of them," said Curry.

Landers says the civic association's hall was packed with more than a 150 people, mostly men. However, they say that from the outside, you could barely hear anything.

"You would maybe see two or three of them outside...but other than that, most of them stayed inside and to themselves," said Curry.

However, the group's skinhead agenda can be uncovered through websites, message boards and defamatory music. One of Page's postings reportedly said, "Stand and fight, don't run."

The Anti-Defamation League estimates that there are about 150 known Hammerskins throughout the entire country. That means a large portion of the group was likely in Chesterfield for those concerts.

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