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12 ON YOUR SIDE: New roof installed for Brandermill woman after mixup


Denise Butler called 12 On Your Side and is now a satisfied customer.

When we first met her last month, she had just discovered that the roof she paid for nine years ago - isn't the roof she got.

She contacted 12 On Your Side to reverse a damaging set of circumstances.

Roofers started tearing off the shingles on Denise Butler's Brandermill home Monday morning.

Cross Timbers Roofing decided the only way to correct a nine-year-old mistake is to start over and give the woman a new roof.

"I am extremely happy, and I want to tell everyone who has worked so very hard on this, thank you so very much," said Butler.

The stacks of new roofing materials are GAF Timberline HD Lifetime shingles.

Cross Timbers Roofing said, though the packaging and wording are different in 2012, it's the same type and brand Denise bought - but never got because of a company mistake nine years ago.

"I got an Elk roof, and I ordered a Timberline roof. This says Timberline. The first person I want to thank is Diane Walker and Channel 12. I worked on this by myself endlessly for six months and got absolutely nowhere, and then she stepped in."

No one has explained the switch... but the new roof does correct it, and Denise gets a clean algae, moss, and fungus-free roof.

Chuck Glady bought the company eight months ago and said he had no obligation - but he advocated for Denise and thought the problem was solved.

"Then a month and a half later when I saw your email come through, I was quite astounded," said Glady.

Glady and the shingles manufacturer shared the expense, reversing a written decision not to replace the roof.

But, he maintains the shady environment causes roof plants - not the shingles.

"You can drive through Brandermill and every manufacturer that's out there is going to have this algae growth. The homes that have the 80 foot trees towering over them, the shingles don't have a chance to dry out before the next rain."

Denise cut down eight trees, opening up property and home to increased sunlight.

"I hope these shingles out live me. I don't ever want to think about a roof again."

The warranty on this new roof picks up at nine years, the age of the roof when it was replaced.

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