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McDonnell VP buzz starts back up


Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is still considered to be on the short list of potential VP picks for the GOP ticket. This week, the buzz surrounding Virginia's governor is as loud as it has ever been.

Despite that buzz, it is a subject McDonnell won't touch.

"I'd rather be talking about jobs and the economy," he said at a recent Romney campaign event. "That is just something I refuse to talk about."

McDonnell is considered on the outside looking in when it comes to potential vice presidential prospects. But everything we know is based on rumors and speculation.  Truly, no one knows very much about where he stands.

Neither their campaign nor the governor will talk about whether or not he is even being vetted.

But on Monday the interest in McDonnell as Romney's number 2 bounced to its highest level yet.

Monday morning, Romney tweeted a link to an op-ed in the Times Dispatch written by McDonnell.

Then the candidate announced a tour of four swing states, three of which will feature prime VP prospects, including his trip to Virginia.

The moves led to a flurry of speculation. First there was a prediction from Jen Rubin, the Washington Post blogger who covers the conservative movement, and then a post by Shaun Kenney on the prominent Virginia conservative blog "Bearing Drift" declaring that McDonnell will get the nod.

Then late Monday night, McDonnell appeared on the high profile "Hannity" program on Romney's behalf, but he refused, once again, to discuss his place in the veepstakes.

"Sean I'd love to give you a scoop," he told Hannity. "You'll be the 2nd to know there is a small list in Boston and only they know who is on it."

Truth be told this is all an effort for us to connect dots, that may lead to nothing, but here is one more thing to fuel the fire. The web site "In trade" which turns speculation like this into a financial bet, increased McDonnell's odds at being picked to nearly 7 percent, a big jump in the last 24 hours.

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