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Affidavit: Convicted Henrico skate coach had graphic video collection


We're learning new, disturbing details about a former youth figure skating coach in Henrico.

Wednesday, we told you David Loncar was convicted of 15 counts of possessing child pornography, leading to a prison sentence of three and a half years. Documents that at NBC12's request were made public Thursday show the former coach possessed graphic videos, and at least one of them depicted a boy who appeared to be as young as three years old.

Few who knew 47-year-old David Loncar were aware of the material inside his apartment in Henrico's west end.

A search warrant revealed the results of a raid there back in 2010. Investigators seized computers and accessories used for the viewing and distribution of videos containing child pornography. What we won't show you, is the affidavit police used to get the warrant. It describes videos that portray unspeakable sex acts involving boys between the ages of three and 14.

Richmond Police Detective Kevin Hiner was among the lead investigators.

"When you have a child who's being sexually abused, one, but when that child is also being sexually  abused by means of an animal that's pretty horrendous things to be exposed to no matter who you are," Hiner said Thursday.

Hiner said Loncar was unaware of the impending raid that day back in 2010, but had already taken measures to conceal incriminating evidence. Detectives say they discovered hard drives located in flower pots on Loncar's balcony.

"And he stated that he was afraid if he simply threw the entire computer away somebody might  discover that he was downloading child pornography," Hiner said.

Loncar, a former instructor at Short Pump's Skate Nation, was given a sentence of 145 years, with all but three and a half suspended. He'll be on indefinite probation upon his release. He will also be a registered sex offender.

"I think that's, hopefully, going to be enough of a deterrent not for Mr. Loncar, but for anybody out there that seems to think that this is a victimless crimes and is collecting child pornography or trading it with other people as if it's baseball cards," Hiner said.

Investigators stress the charges stem from anonymous videos obtained on Loncar's computers, and did not involve any children he taught.

Late Thursday, Loncar's attorney said the former coach was, himself, a victim of sexual abuse as a young boy.

Richmond Police, as a member of the Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children taskforce, has executed 34 search warrants since 2010, resulting in 134 felony charges and more than 522 years worth of sentences, according to data ending in January 2012.

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