Virginia Courthouse Attack

Hello  from Sabrina,

A violent outburst cleared a Virginia courtroom when the suspect in a triple murder attacked his lawyer.  The accused killer started screaming profanities,  then reached out and struck the attorney.  This was a hearing to find out if the man is competent to stand trial.  We'll have reaction from relatives tonight at 11.

Supporters rally to save a single Richmond mom who was facing foreclosure.   Neighbors, friends, even strangers donated thousands of dollars to keep the family's home from being sold at auction.  Tonight the mother of a sick 12 year old expresses her surprise and appreciation.

Plus new options for women's healthcare kicked in today under The Affordable Care Act.  But the debate and demonstrations continue.  We'll tell you the free health services now guaranteed for women and why some are still opposed to the mandate.   Hope you'll join us after the Olympics!