12 ON YOUR SIDE: Henrico Police conclude investigation of Brook Road and Hilliard Avenue

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - The Henrico traffic investigator assigned to watch for bad drivers making illegal turns at Brook Road and Hilliard Avenue has completed his investigation.

12 On Your Side put a camera at the intersection back in June, when a longtime resident called us about what he believes, is a dangerous spot.

After our story, Henrico Police placed an officer there, at different times, to watch for violators.

Henrico Police studied the area for 30 days, watching for people making up their own road rules in order to move quicker through the traffic light.

If you zipped through the intersection and got a glimpse of a black Chevy Impala, the man at the wheel of the unmarked police cruiser is Officer R.D. Gibson.

Gibson said he checked out Hilliard and Brook five different times over 30 days.

"Tried different times of the day, morning rush, evening rush hour, lunch time," said Gibson.

Unlike neighbor Roger Hanson, who's witnessed people driving recklessly — making extra turn lanes, sometimes three deep — Officer Gibson said he observed no such thing.

"I never, on any of the five occasions, saw that occur. I'm a block away in an unmarked car. Didn't always sit in the same spot each time. I don't think they would have realized where I was, or who I was."

"I told Lt Gordon, if he had watched down here before the story aired, he would have seen the violations," said Hanson.

Hanson still says traffic rolls at a steady clip coming from several directions, prompting people in a hurry to create their own turn lanes. He said he's seen too many close calls.

"A couple times, when I turned in this way, there was a car sitting in this lane right here, straddling the double line. Of course, then you have to scoot way over to get around."

Hanson believes the area needs signate to indicate it's one lane only.

Police said their investigation proves otherwise, but they were prepared to take action if necessary.

Hanson said he's just pleased the intersection got some attention.

"I wish I had called y'all first, but I had been trying for three years to get someone to look at the problem. I can't say enough nice things about Channel 12."

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