July 26 RESTAURANT REPORT: Two Mexican restaurants fix critical violations

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Two Mexican restaurants are in this Restaurant Report that are usually known for getting good inspection scores. Here's a look at what went wrong, and how it was fixed.

The Mexico Restaurant chain is a family favorite. Some are NBC 12 Hall of Fame winners. So when the one at 5213 Williamsburg Road in Henrico had 5 critical violations, manager Griselda Garcia says she fixed them on the spot.

Said Garcia, "We've been in business for 20 years and our rule has always been to provide the best food and service. So we take care of any problems right away."

The inspector noted the small refrigerator had elevated temperatures. Garcia says they called immediately called a repairman.

"We called right away and discarded everything that was in there," she told us.

They also had the dishwasher repaired to ensure it's sanitizing, they make sure the queso is heated to the proper temperature, and they posted a reminder to throw out the salsa after its been sitting out for four hours. Mexico Restaurant earned a perfect score on its follow-up inspection.

Said Garcia, "Everything was corrected. Whenever we have any health violations, we correct it immediately."

Some Chipotle Mexican Grills have won Hall of Fame Awards, too. But the one at 11440 Midlothian Turnpike in Chesterfield had 4 critical violations, including that adequate methods were not being used to control flies. Chipotle's headquarters sent us a statement:

"We have solid records with health departments around the country and work hard to be sure our restaurants are clean and our food handling procedures are up to our high standards. Any time health inspections reveal violations in any of our restaurants, we take whatever corrective action is needed to be sure our standards are being met."

But no corrections are needed at this week's NBC 12 Hall of Fame Award winner: Burger King at 10142 Kings Dominion Boulevard in Hanover. This fast food joint hasn't had a critical violation in three years.

How do they do it? Explains Burger King's Sally Graves, "The important thing is if you have a well trained crew, and that starts with the manager, then all you have to do is follow-up with them."