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ACTS OF KINDNESS: Neighbors come to the aid of frightened girl


Grateful parents are recognizing the neighbors who came to the rescue of their frightened six-year-old daughter. The family said their neighbor's care and concern kept a scary situation from becoming tragic and they deserve an Act of Kindness.

First grader Jaden Jones is slowly getting back into the swing of things, though she clings to her parents a bit more these days.

"She has been a little bit leery to have anybody like her dad and myself out of her sight," said Jaden's mother, Ashley.

Ashley and her husband Richard took their daughter out of summer school the day after the bus that was supposed to take Jaden to daycare, mistakenly dropped her off on the street outside their home.

"We were just taken back, you go into panic mode."

With her parents at work, Jaden stood alone, for hours, in the heat.

"I was scared," said Jaden.

Fortunately the next door neighbors at Arrow Machine were on alert.

"We all piled in the car to go to lunch, she was next to the road with her bookbag," said Dennis Fletcher.

"Judy goes, 'Is she off the bus? Is there no parents there? We're going to check on her when we go back,'" said Teri Wells.

"When we came back from lunch, we noticed that won't nobody there with her, so we knew something was wrong," said Dennis.

"[She was] hot, she was scared, yes she was scared, that was my first thought, she was scared," said Judy.

"We get to talking to her, trying to find out some information so we can see who to call," said Teri.

"We got the school out of her, got ahold of them, that go dad here," said Dennis.

"At that time, Jaden was doing the little girl dance, so you know we brought her over, got her a drink, let her go to the restroom."

Jaden hung out with the neighbors until her dad arrived.

"We're just completely thankful for all of them, being so kind and sitting with Jaden and keeping an eye on her."

Though their actions are priceless, Ashley's passing on $300. She was eager to meet the staff she's only greeted through the trees, and Jaden happily led the way.

Jaden remembered the route to her refuge and the staff of Arrow Machine were glad to see their young neighbor again.

Ashley: "Jaden and I wanted to come by and personally thank you. (To Jaden) You ready, you want to count it out sweetheart?

Ashley and Jaden: We want to give you one-hundred,two-hundred,three-hundred.

Dennis: "Thank you."

Jaden: "You're welcome."

Ashley: "And just let you know how Jaden and I and my husband really appreciate you and your staff."

Dennis: "Yeah, well we try to look out four our neighbors."

Ashley: "Thanks so much (hug)"

Dennis said he'll share the cash with his mom and co-worker. These neighbors now share a special bond — of friendship.

Judy: "Jaden, how are you, you good? If we were to see you on the side of the road would you come over with us again?"

Jaden: "Yeah."

Judy: "Yeah that's a cool thing."

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