NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The EZ - Pass is not so Easy

By: Kym Grinnage email

The EZ Pass is designed to make life simpler for all. It helps the flow of traffic, makes it easy to pay a toll up and down the entire east coast and most importantly it saves time. These were all of the things we were told the EZ Pass would provide and a great many of us jumped in and we think the water is fine.

I believe that this is a service that helps everyone, including VDOT which ensures that we have safe roads to travel. I was happy to hear that existing EZ Pass motorists will not have to pay a monthly fee, but dismayed to hear that new motorists who signed on after Jul 9 will have to pay a fee. Paying a fee to spend your hard earned money strikes me as wrong. A fee encourages people to continue to use the "pay as you go" method and works counter to the EZ Pass goal.

Instead of a fine, citizens should actually receive a discount for using EZ Pass. A friend of mine said that the reason that he doesn't use EZ Pass is because he doesn't want the government in his pocket. Now I am not sure I quite agree with that, but the state sure isn't making it easy.