July 19 RESTAURANT REPORT: No record tags on shellfish

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Virginia Health Department requires restaurants that serve shellfish, such as clams, oysters, and mussels, to keep the tags for 90 days that say where the shellfish were harvested and processed. That way if someone gets sick, the source of the shellfish can be tracked. No tags means a critical violation.

That happened at Cameron Seafood Market, 2311 West Broad Street in Richmond. It was one of 4 critical violations. The inspector noted there was inadequate record keeping for clams, oysters, and mussel tags. We contacted Cameron's, but did not hear back. Other violations were corrected during the inspection.

Moving to Chesterfield, Dominion Café and Catering at 300 Arboretum place had 4 critical violations. The report says steak and grilled chicken were not adequately cooled to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, and employees handled ready-to-eat carrots and bagels with their bare hands. The manager sent us a statement, reading:

"While Dominion Café has been in the Arboretum location for close to 18 years, we strive to meet or exceed Virginia Health Codes. We work closely with Ms. Church, our health inspector to adapt our practices when she has a suggestion for compliance.

"After this inspection we revised two of our procedures to eliminate the problem listed and at Ms. Church's request, gloves are used when dealing with any foods, not just Ready To Eat items, wrapped or not. After a prior inspection, service was performed on a refrigeration unit and our internal logs show the temperatures to be correct the day of this inspection. (We believe that this was in section 20 Marked "Repeat")

"Also it is believed the items " baked Apples, Sausage Gravy, Beef Gravy, Ect" in Section 21 referring to "Date Marking " may have been referring to our "Cooling REFRIGERATOR " that does not require Date or Item Markings until the proper cooling temperatures are achieved. We have clarified procedures with our staff, and will continue to be vigilant in serving tasty food in a healthy environment."

The report shows Dominion fixed violations while the inspector was still on site.

And in Henrico, Dave and Buster's, at 4001 Brownstone Boulevard in West Broad Village, usually gets better scores. But it had 5 critical violations on a recent inspection. Among them, the inspector observed food debris on pans and utensils. But the restaurant got the all clear on a follow-up inspection two weeks later, no violations were found.

There haven't been any violations found in two years at Domino's Pizza at 5526 Lakeside Avenue in Henrico. It wins the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award.

Said Domino's assistant manager Hannah Lantz, "It's really not that hard. It's common sense to wipe down everything, and keep everything clean."

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