12 ON YOUR SIDE: Consumer responsibility for buying vehicles follow up

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - New information in our 12 On Your Side 'tall truck' investigation.

We looked into an Ashland woman's complaint, that a used car dealership sold her a truck that's not street legal — with it's big wheels and tall body.

It also has a questionable safety inspection history.

Virginia State Police investigated and determined too much time had passed to charge anyone, and the evidence may have been tainted.

The truck now has a new owner, who said police pulled her over soon after she bought it — actually, the new owner found us.

Heather saw the truck in a promotional spot on NBC12, a few hours before the story aired. She was shocked to see the truck she had just bought from Wanda Branson on TV and the subject of an investigation.

Wanda Branson was an upset customer a few weeks ago, when she emailed NBC12 about the Ford F-350 pick up she bought from a used car dealership.

"I was stopped a couple times by some county officers in different counties who told me that my truck was not legal. It was too high and that tires were too wide," said Branson.

Now that truck has a new owner. Wanda told NBC12 in an email, she was not at liberty to disclose the purchaser. But, that individual called 12 after seeing her new used-purchase on the news. Heather told us she was stopped by police on 295 soon after she bought the truck from Wanda.

It had big wheels and a recent inspection sticker when police stopped Heather. She said she was ticketed because the tires stuck out too far.

Heather, like Wanda, won't talk about the sale publicly and will no longer answer our calls.

"The tires can't stick out more than three inches beyond the fender well," said Jeff Stanley of Stanley's Auto. "If it does, it has to have a clearance light. The tires can't contact the body in any way in a normal driving manner."

Inspection stations say modified trucks can be made safe and legal — by installing smaller wheels or adding a clearance light. The new owner said she spent $80 and added fender flares and wanted to know if that would take care of the safety issue with the tires.

The seller and the buyer want issues surrounding the truck to be resolved once and for all.

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