Hey Late nighters, it's Sabrina.

Coming up at 11,  Two Richmond Police officers are fired over their "inappropriate" comments about The President and First Lady.  An investigation was launched after President Obama's visit to The Seigel Center in May.  We've got more details about the threats that led to termination tonight.

A mysterious early morning attack leaves a trucker in an awkward position in Henrico County. He was bound, gagged and robbed of his big rig.  We'll hear what drivers are saying about the hazards of the road.

Plus a look at the use of reptiles in Religious services.   We'll take you to a Church where the pastor engages in snake handling, in the sanctuary!  Even though it's illegal and both his father and close friend died from rattlesnake bites, the Preacher says it shows spiritual devotion.   See it for yourself at 11!