Hi from Sabrina.

Here what's making news around town tonight.  One person was rushed to the hospital, several residents had to be evacuated after a fire at a Chesterfield retirement community this evening.  Investigators say smoking materials left in a trash can sparked the blaze at The Atlantic and Charter Colony Apartments.  Get a look at the damage tonight at 11.

A hit and run crash sparks a case of road rage that leads to an assault in South Richmond.  A driver whose car was struck chased down the runaway driver.  When he caught up with him, he reportedly walked over and punched him.   We'll tell you how police are handling this one.

Restaurants in Hanover, Richmond and Chesterfield are get critical violations for the same health hazard.  We reveal one of the industry's most common kitchen violations in tonight's Restaurant Report.

Tonight medals of bravery are presented to the  prosecutor, deputy and courtroom custodian who sprang to action after an inmate launched an attack at the Amelia County Courthouse.   The trio was left beaten and bruised, but they managed to subdue the inmate.  We'll hear from the heroes at 11.