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12 ON YOUR SIDE ALERT: MacPro Solutions: BBB Alert!


A local charity calls 12 after it spends nearly $10,000 on laptops that were never delivered.

The Friends of Chesterfield County Public Library says it used local Apple supplier MacPro Solutions to place the order. Months later, the charity is out of thousands of dollars and the owners of the computer company are no where to be found.

Khail Dotay, with the charity, called 12 when he felt he was out of options. He says the problems started when the organization wrote a $9,972 check to MacPro Solutions in Richmond. "We almost feel burned for trying to do business with a local little small business," he says.

The money was for nine laptops for the library system. The charity says MacPro took their money but never delivered the computers. After nearly two months of waiting, Dotay says MacPro admitted it was having major financial problems. The news got worse, the charity was told their money was gone and they would not be receiving any computers. Dotay was in disbelief. "Stunned and sick to my stomach. I literally felt like I was sick," he says.

We went to MacPro looking for answers. The doors were locked, the lights were out and there was a sign stating the building had been secured by the landlord. An attorney for the landlord says MacPro owes over 30-thousand dollars in rent. Several times we called and emailed MacPro but never got a response. The website was also taken down.

The BBB issued an alert stating the company had shutdown. President and CEO of the Richmond BBB, Tom Gallagher is aware of the complaints. "One was for $10,000, the others were for a couple of thousand dollars each," he says. The BBB also so reached out to MacPro but has not gotten a response. Gallagher says the company once had an "A" rating. "We will keep trying to contact the principal of this company but I am afraid that this is a casualty of this horrible economy," Gallagher told us.

We went to Consumer Attorney, John Gayle, with The Consumer Law Group to see if anything could be done. He says in situation like this, there is little consumer protection. "If there is no money and they have no money in the account, what is the point. If all the assets for the company are gone, what is the point," he says.

Gayle says if MacPro filed for bankruptcy there may be a chance for to get some money back but the charity would have to get in line with other creditors. It may not be all bad news for Friends of The Chesterfield County Public Library. The BBB says it has reached out to Apple. "I do not know what that help is going to be but they want to help. They have stepped up and say they are aware of this. Not only what we are bringing to them but there are some other instances too," Gallagher says.

The charity is still out of $10,000 and hoping for some resolution with MacPro Solutions."To me they need to get right with us and whatever other customers they might owe money or a computer to, before they continue business at all," Dotay says. For now, there is no sign MacPro will be back in business anytime soon.

If you have dealt with MacPro and have had a negative experience, file a complaint with the BBB. The organization says using a credit card may offer more protection when buying items from businesses than using checks, cash or debit cards.  

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